Below is a complete guide to Keira's career so far. Dates are release dates.
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Title Role Date Director Media
Anna Karenina Anna 2011 Joe Wright -
Never Land Tinker Bell 2011 Nick Willing -
The Children's Hour Karen Wright 2011 Ian Rickson -
Steve Woman 2011 Rupert Friend -
A Dangerous Method Sabina Spielrein 2011 David Cronenberg -
Chanel commercial: 'Gabrielle' Actress 2010 Joe Wright -
The People Speak Guest Speaker 2010 Colin Firth Official Site
London Boulevard Charlotte 2010 William Monahan -
Last Night Joanna Reed 2010/11 Massy Tadjedin -
Never Let Me Go Ruth 2010 Mark Romanek -
Maze Constance 2010 Stuart Pearson Wright -
The Misanthrope Jennifer 2009-10 Thea Sharrock Production Notes
Cut Actress 2009 Joe Wright Production Notes
The Continuing And Lamentable Saga Of The Suicide Brothers Fairy 2008 Arran & Corran Brownlee Production Notes
The Duchess Lady Georgiana Spencer 2008 Saul Dibb Production Notes
The Edge Of Love Vera Phillips 2008 John Maybury Production Notes
Robbie The Reindeer: Close Encounters Of The Herd Kind (animation) Em/Secret Agent M (voice) 2007 Donnie Anderson -
Chanel commercial Actress 2007 Joe Wright Production Notes
Atonement Cecilia Tallis 2007 Joe Wright Production Notes
Silk Helene Joncour 2007 Francois Girard Production Notes
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End Elizabeth Turner 2007 Gore Verbinski Production Notes
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest Elizabeth Swann/Turner 2006 Gore Verbinski Production Notes
Domino Domino Harvey 2005 Tony Scott Production Notes
Lux Super Styling '3 Day Magic' Actress (Jap TV ad) 2005 - -
Pride and Prejudice Elizabeth Bennet 2005 Joe Wright Production Notes
When Johnny Met Keira Co-presenter (with Johnny Vaughan) 2005 BBC Production -
The Jacket Jackie Price 2005 John Maybury Production Notes
Lux Super Styling 'Timeless Princess' Actress (Jap TV ad) 2005 - -
King Arthur Guinevere 2004 Antoine Fuqua Production Notes
Stories Of Lost Souls (compilation, feat. New Year's Eve) Leah 2004 Colin Spector -
Lux Styling 'Ready To Go' Actress (Jap TV ad) 2003 - -
Love Actually Juliet 2003 Richard Curtis Production Notes
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl Elizabeth Swann 2003 Gore Verbinski Production Notes
Gaijin (animation) Kate, Venus, Tennyo (voice) 2003 Fumi Inoue -
Doctor Zhivago Lara Guishar/Antipova 2002 Giacamo Campiotti Production Notes
The Seasons Alter Helena 2002 Roger Lunn Production Notes
New Year's Eve Leah 2002 Colin Spector Production Notes
Pure Louise Barnstable 2002 Gillies MacKinnon Production Notes
Thunderpants Music School Student 2002 Peter Hewitt -
Bend It Like Beckham Juliette Paxton 2002 Gurinder Chadha Production Notes
Deflation Jogger 2001 Roger Ashton-Griffiths -
The Hole Frances Almond-Smith 2001 Nick Hamm Production Notes
Princess Of Thieves Gwyn Hood 2001 Peter Hewitt -
A High Wind In Jamaica (radio) - 2000 Catherine Bailey -
Oliver Twist Rose Fleming 1999 Renny Rye Production Notes
Villette (radio) Polly; Paulina 1999 - -
Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace Sabé Maberrie 1999 George Lucas Production Notes
Coming Home Young Judith Dunbar 1998 Giles Foster -
Mindscape Herself (interview footage) 1998 - -
The Music Practice - 1997 - -
The Treasure Seekers Princess Beatrice von Hohenzollen 1996 Juliet May -
Innocent Lies / Halcyon Days Young Celia Graves 1995 Patrick Dewolf -
The Bill (ep. Swan Song) Sheena Rose 1995 Pip Broughton -
A Village Affair Natasha Jordan 1994 Moira Armstrong -
A Royal Celebration Angela 1993 Ferdinand Fairfax -

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