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January 17th
More input from fans re: Last Night's slow release: it's showing at cinemas in Lithuania (since Dec 10th), and Russia (since Jan 13th).
Thanks Vida, Christine

January 14th
Following my earlier comments about Last Night's release - or lack of - a few have emailed to say where it's currently (or soon to be) playing in their country, including Switzerland (since December 30th) and Norway (out on January 28th).
Thanks Ingrid, Mia

January 9th
French cinema site Allocine has possibly a new poster for Last Night along with a confirmation of its release there on February 16th. Still no news on other countries.

December 16th
There's a great collection of interviews, trailers and making-of clips for Last Night at this site. It's a German site, and the movie is due out there at the end of the month. Lucky them.
Thanks Shot18

December 3rd
Here's a great photoshoot from the Rome Film Festival promotions of Last Night. I think I like it more because she's not baring flesh or looking sexy. Just being herself.

November 6th
An English-language Last Night trailer, quite possibly the official US one, can be watched here, or downloaded here (15Mb).
Thanks Mike

October 25th
Last Night will screen Thursday, Friday and Saturday this week at the Rome Film Festival, following the gala premiere on Thursday, at which Keira and Eva Mendes are expected to attend.

October 20th
Here are some new images from Last Night ahead of next week's Rome premiere.

October 17th
Ahead of this month's festival opener at Rome, a trailer for Last Night has finally been released.

October 8th
AP is reporting that Keira and Eva Mendes will both attend the gala premiere of Last Night at the Rome Film Festival on October 28th. The movie will launch this year's festival.

September 18th
Last Night closes (appropriately) the Toronto Film Festival this evening, still with question marks over its distribution deal. Eva Mendes says she will do what she can to promote the movie, but it's obvious who was really needed in Toronto to get this movie in the spotlight.

September 14th
Last Night is also screening this week at TIFF, and there's some great reviews including this one which says it's a career-best performance for Keira. Again check the links above for reviews or the industrious Danielle's collection at IMDb.

September 2nd
With an unusually busy film marketplace this year, Variety reports that many films, including Toronto closer Last Night, may show earlier to prospective buyer markets.

August 31st
HollywoodNews has a preview article on Last Night.

August 26th
Last Night will open the Rome Film Festival, it was announced today. See press release and new pic.

August 24th
Details are out now of screening times at Toronto of Never Let Me Go (September 11th, 13th, 18th) and Last Night (September 18th). Keira is not on the expected attendees list, although she is expected for the London premiere in October.

August 21st
Another official Last Night still has been released to accompany the news that the movie will close Toronto. There are others of course, and a teaser which we posted back in December.

August 17th
Last Night will close the Toronto Film Festival on September 19th, it was announced today. An official release schedule surely can't be far off? It's been a long time coming, but kudos to Filmyard for getting this on the slate so soon after acquiring the remains of Miramax. The article also mentions London Boulevard but it's hard to tell if it's just a round-up of Keira's forthcoming movies - it doesn't appear in the line-up. So that's four premieres in six weeks for Keira: two at Toronto FF, one at London FF and the London Boulevard premiere somewhere in early October.

July 29th
Also, in a new Italian interview with Sam Worthington, he says Last Night will premiere at the Toronto Film Festival.

July 22nd
In an interview with CinemaBlend, Eva Mendes says Last Night will get a late 2010 release and will show at the Rome Film Festival in October.

June 11th
Citizen journalist site TrueSlant has an article on fidelity, focussing on Last Night.

June 5th
Disney will finalise a deal with tycoon financiers on Monday, according to the LA Times. This should still include the seven unreleased titles including Last Night.

June 5th
Disney will finalise a deal with tycoon financiers on Monday, according to the LA Times. This should still include the seven unreleased titles including Last Night.

May 15th
And there's a few more mentions of Last Night this week in interviews with Eva and Sam.

May 4th
Gaumont have stated that Last Night will be released in France in February 2011, although this article has a less than inspiring update on the fate of Miramax and its remaining releases. Co-star Guillaume Canet talks about the movie in this interview.
Thanks Danielle

February 16th
Last Night will get a release, according to an interview with Disney CEO Bob Iger published yesterday. He says there will be investment in Miramax to release the final six pending movies this year and next. Even a DVD-only release will be welcome, compared to the fears it would be shelved.

February 4th
Meanwhile, those in New Jersey may want to keep an eye on the Filmmaker's Symposium season in Mountainside, where one of the movies shown may be Last Night, according to their press release.

And Sweet-Keira has a new still from Last Night. Also - old news to some - there's a series of paparazzi videos on Youtube of Keira and co filming on the set of Last Night at the end of 2008. Let's hope those are not the only moving images we get to see of that film!

February 1st
The NY Times says that Disney is considering potential buyers for the remnants of Miramax, including its six unreleased movies, Last Night among them.

January 28th
Disney have decided to close down Miramax in its entirety, it was announced Thursday evening. Six unreleased movies, including Last Night, may now only get a limited release, if anything. Article.

January 20th
Australian movie site says that Last Night has been pushed back to early 2011 in Oz, and suggests a consequent late-2010 release in the US. Normally, this could be to catch the awards panel committees. However, it is being reported that Keira will head to the US maybe mid-March (post-Misanthrope) to promote the movie, and the UK release is still pencilled in for May 14th.

January 11th
A new image from Last Night has appeared.

December 12th
Let's not forget, however, that Keira has three movies due out in 2010 and should be filming at least one more. First out should be Last Night ( now lists Tell Me as a working title). A profile of co-star Guillaume Canet here features a 15-second snippet of the trailer, which I have cut and uploaded here.
Thanks Sam at KeiraZone

November 21st
Tell Me could be affected by the downsizing of production company Miramax, reports ScreenDaily.

Eva Mendes talks about Tell Me and Keira at the end of this interview with Movieline.

November 16th
Last Night has been retitled Tell Me, possibly to more reflect the storyline of trust in relationships and experiences unsaid. Or maybe they just didn't want it to get mixed up with Date Night, which is due for release at the same time.

ScreenDaily speculates on Last Night/Tell Me being in the line-up for the Berlin Film Festival, starting February 11th.

October 30th
A provisional UK release date for Last Night has appeared (subject to change): May 14th.

September 24th
There's finally a new still from Last Night.

July 23rd
Last Night now has a March 19th (US, limited) release on IMDb which, if correct, would make four releases next year, none this.

March 8th
EW has the first official still from Last Night - probably one of a batch just released.

December 21st
USAToday has a short chat with Eva Mendes about Last Night, notably stating a 'late 2009' release - the only '09 release for a Keira movie (so far). King Lear and The Beautiful & The Damned are both in 2010's schedule.

December 5th
Last Night appears to have wrapped, as Eva Mendes talks about her role, and of co-starring with Keira, in this article. Eva and Keira only appear together in one scene.

November 4th
Thanks to my Hollywood contact, I spent a pleasant afternoon today reading the script for Last Night. As we know already, a married couple living in Soho NYC are separated for a night. The husband, Michael, is away on business in Philadelphia with a female colleague, Laura, who is clearly attracted to him, while the married woman, Joanna, bumps into an old flame Alex and spends the rest of the day, and night, with him. No spoilers there I don't think. It's certainly an emotionally-charged movie for all the main cast, and consequently the type of role (Atonement, Edge Of Love) that Keira is increasingly good at portraying. What KeiraWeb can exclusively reveal of course is the cast of characters, which has so far not been published (I've submitted this to IMDb):
Keira Knightley - Joanna Reed
Sam Worthington - Michael Reed
Guillaume Canet - Alex Mann
Eva Mendes - Laura

November 3rd
Miramax has signed a distribution deal for Last Night, which will ensure a release in North America, UK, Australia and Latin America. Article.

October 24th
There's no shortage of pap pics from the filming of Last Night, even if the streets of NYC are closed for the duration. See here and here.

October 20th
Keira has been snapped around the New York set of Last Night.
Thanks Harriet

October 15th
In a UK TV interview this week, Eva Mendes said the cast of Last Night are in New York rehearsing, including Keira, with filming due to start by the end of this month.
Thanks Harriet

September 25th
Meanwhile Keira's 'Last Night' co-star Eva Mendes has admitted to a crush on Keira. I can see that story popping up again at promo time!

September 18th


Just as I was looking forward to putting my fingers in a glass of cold water after a frantic last few weeks, Dame Keira whips me away to announce another new project. Thankfully it's the former of the two rumours I mentioned yesterday - Last Night. It will co-star Eva Mendes, Guillaume Canet and Sam Worthington. Variety officially announce it today in this article. Pap journalists will be pleased to tell the world that it's NOT a period costume drama. It will be the first time Keira has had a female film director - Massy Tadjedin - since Bend It Like Beckham, although it's not yet clear which of the two female roles Keira will play.

September 17th
A couple of rumours doing the rounds right now: Keira to star with Sam Worthington in Last Night, written by The Jacket's writer Massy Tadjedin, and (gasp!) Keira to star with Orlando Bloom in a remake of Saturday Night Fever. Is it April 1st today ?
Thanks Cissa

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