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The People Speak

November 1st
The Keira segment of The People Speak is now online at Youtube or for download (31Mb). She quotes from a 2000 testimony of a British asylum seeker.

October 27th
Colin Firth is interviewed in today's Independent about last month's The People Speak event, which premieres on UK telly on Sunday (see Diary, right).

October 21st
UK TV is now showing a trailer for the forthcoming The People Speak broadcast on The History Channel on October 31st. You can see the trailer and a couple more videos (Preview, Extraordinary Performers) featuring Keira at this page of the site.

September 20th
Here's more on The People Speaks which Keira was part of at the Prince Of Wales Theatre last night. It will be on The History Channel on October 31st.

September 19th
Keira was back on the West End stage tonight, one of a huge number of famous faces, headed by Colin Firth, providing readings of speeches from history as part of The People Speaks, a British version of the project started last year in the US. The event was filmed and will be broadcast on The History Channel in October.
Colin interview - Pic - UK details - Article - US details
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