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December 31st
Happy New Year to all Keira fans and visitors to KeiraWeb. Many thanks to contributors too many to mention, but especially the following:
Kelsi, Tamise, Tia, Beata, Jake, Fliss, Amy, Marten, Douglas, Alexandra, Sam, Miriam, Lindy King at UA, Corran Brownlee

December 29th
The annual KeiraWeb Review of the Year is now online.

Keira has been voted seventh in a poll to find the Beauty Icon of the Decade.

December 23rd
NEW MOVIE !!! (?)
It is being reported that Keira has signed to play Sabina Spielrein in a movie version of Christopher Hampton's 2002 play about psychoanalysts Jung and Freud entitled The Talking Cure. It will be directed by David Cronenberg and co-star Christoph Waltz and Michael Fassbender. Hampton's play focuses on the relationship between Spielrein and Jung, when he was treating her at the Burghölzli mental hospital near Zurich in 1904. Jung used Freudian techniques to try and overcome Spielrein's association of paternal punishment with physical arousal. (Hampton was the Oscar-nominated screenwriter on Atonement, and won the award for his adaptation of Dangerous Liaisons in 1988). The news comes via an update to the Facebook page of Australian film distributor Hopscotch, which sounds about as reliable as a British tabloid, so we await concrete confirmation from Variety, for example. More on the newswire as it comes in.

Here's another great audio review of The Misanthrope by a panel of critics on BBC Radio 4, and there's daily additions to the Plaudits page. The Guardian has an illustrated guide to the play.

Another Christmas and another Keira premiere on British television. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End premieres on BBC1 on Boxing Day. The Duchess and Love Actually can be seen on the big day itself, while Pride & Prejudice is on ITV on the 28th. Pirates Dead Man's Chest sees out 2009 on BBC1 on the 31st and Domino is on Film4 on January 2nd, with King Arthur on BBC3 on the 3rd. Keira TV in the US can be seen here.

December 19th
The Telegraph has a video review of The Misanthrope, and BBC's Front Row radio programme has a positive review too. More praise online.
Thanks Roger

December 18th
And so the reviews are in. Predictably, The Daily Mail rushed out a negative review first, knowing the world was waiting for soundbites from the critics. Sadly, it's the reviewers comments that have been picked up by the waiting world's media (it later amended the article to include more seemingly-negative comments). So intent was it on Keira-bashing, it omitted to review the other cast at all, including its lead, Damian Lewis. Happily, it was in the extreme minority as the rest of the press were impressed by Keira's performance.
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December 17th
- Keira's co-stars Rosamund Pike and Jonathan Pryce, plus Charles Dance, Emilia Fox and Neil Pearson turned out for the official first night of The Misanthrope tonight.
- A few more articles in the press today: The Times 1 : 2 - The Guardian
- The official site has a gallery of production photographs online.

A new photoshoot has appeared in an Australian magazine called Shop Till You Drop. Keira is the cover girl, and there's more here.

December 15th
Keira has revealed her concerns ahead of tomorrow's Press Night for The Misanthrope. She spoke to BBC Radio 4's Today Programme this morning. Listen to the interview - and an excerpt from the play - here.

Keira is second behind Emma Watson as the highest-grossing actress of the decade in terms of box office takings, according to the Guinness World Records.

December 14th
Celebrated US columnist Liz Smith speaks highly of Keira in this video profile.

In an article on the proprosed new rules to airbrushing in French magazines, it tells of Dominique Isserman's denial of Keira's breast enhancement in her recent Chanel ads, contrary to the press's claims.

The Daily Mail (he reports advisedly) says that Keira has posed nude for artist Mitch Griffiths for a 2010 exhibition at London's Halcyon Gallery.

December 12th
There's a profile of Misanthrope director Thea Sharrock in Saturday's Times. In it she talks at length about casting Keira and 'defends' Keira and her performance. The very title of the piece, 'Thea Sharrock Defends Keira Knightley' removes any hint that the article is in fact a very interesting potted biography of the woman and mother of two who is tipped to be the next head of The National Theatre. Not the best choice of words there from The Times. Defend Keira from what, given great reviews all week? If the title intends 'Thea Sharrock defends [her choice in casting] Keira Knightley', then it should say so. Surely The Times hasn't descended to sensationalist hooks for its headlines? You would think the world, or as the article puts it, the "rabidly baying public" is expecting, nay wanting, the press to rip apart Keira's performace at next Thursday's press night so The Times has asked the director to get her defence in early. I'm sure that wasn't the point of the interview, but you'd be forgiven for thinking that until you read the full text. Whatever the intention, let's hope this article's ambiguous title doesn't prove counter-productive this time next week. I'm absolutely convinced it won't.

The Independent has another article about Keira and the film-to-stage transfer vogue.

Let's not forget, however, that Keira has three movies due out in 2010 and should be filming at least one more. First out should be Last Night (IMDb.com now lists Tell Me as a working title). A profile of co-star Guillaume Canet here features a 15-second snippet of the trailer, which I have cut and uploaded here.
Thanks Sam at KeiraZone

December 11th
A nice set of on-stage photos of Keira and the rest of The Misanthrope cast can be seen on photographer Geraint Lewis' web site. The Daily Mail also has some of the pics in an articletoday, despite some erroneous text. Baz Bamigboye redeems the paper as usual with a good review of Keira's role at the bottom of his column today.

December 8th
The BBC have helpfully provided Keira with a collection of advice from seasoned theatre thespians regarding stage nerves. Meanwhile, the London Evening Standard newspaper have spoken to a number of audience members about Keira's performance as they left the theatre.

Reviews as I find them will be published on the Plaudits page. Please let me know of any more you find, or submit your own review if you see the play. Thanks!

December 7th
The Telegraph has two articles today: an interesting interview with The Misanthrope's director Thea Sharrock and how she came to cast Keira. The other is an article on Keira's appeal which starts off quite objective then descends rapidly into unjournalistic personal opinion. Strangely, the same analysis-cum-rant was published in the Sydney Morning Herald today. Add your comments if you feel strongly enough about it.

I don't think the love-hate polarization of opinion about Keira and her talents is any more intense than it is for any other actor or actress. It just seems like it because, a) we're Keira's fans and read a lot about her, and b) her career progression has been contemporaneous with the technological evolution of the dissemination and global distribution of facts and opinion, ie. the Internet. As Ms. Sharrock says in the above-linked article today: "...[C]elebrity culture has turned into an established phenomenon". There has always been global fandom but the Internet has changed that in a way we couldn't have imagined just 15 years ago. Keira and her generation of celebrities will never be separated from that. Opinion, professional or personal, is now far more omnipresent. But to return to the original point: in six years of collating media about Keira (and what's online in the archive here at KeiraWeb is probably less than 5% of what I have), the presence of articles such as the one today is in a noticeably increasing minority. Most people now know that comments such as today's: "Costume, clever casting, good production and the extraordinary alchemy of that face on film are responsible for her success..." is complete nonsense. It never was true, but Keira has had to fight to prove it. She's still fighting, but she's winning.

December 6th
- Keira's stage door was besieged by fans after last night's first performance of The Misanthrope. A number of pics can be seen here and here.
- Meanwhile, the film to theatre transformation angle gets another outing in today's Independent. One of the quotes in the article states: "Their names above the door sell tickets, but in the vast majority of cases if they aren't good enough they will be found out." From the subsequent posts of last night's IMDb reviewer, such as this one, this will not apply to Keira. The beauty of repeated performances, of course, is that it can be honed and improved upon. Press Night isn't until the 17th, so there's plenty of time to iron out the creases, as t'were.
- Edit: Here's the first pic of Keira on-stage. The official site may have some more soon. - - About 50 people have joined the KeiraWeb Twitter page today since I posted about The Misanthrope - I'm slowly catching up on Ashton Kutcher :)
- Follow the development of The Misanthrope in the News Archive.

December 5th
Tonight was the first preview performance of The Misanthrope. A first positive review has been posted, and even a nice Tweet ! Professional criticism can make or break a theatre run, so those are the ones to look out for. You can send me your review of the performance, pics, or anything else at the email address above.

Playbill has a preview of the play and players. The Guardian has a short preview, too, while The Times has a Hollywood Comes To the West End feature.

To coincide with Keira's stage debut, London's National Portrait Gallery - just a few streets away from The Comedy Theatre - has a Michael Thompson portrait of Keira as its Photograph of the Month for December.
Thanks Tamise

December 1st
Shakespeare In Love director John Madden is now in the frame to direct My Fair Lady (we're fast running out of directors to be attached to this project!). John almost directed Keira in Silk and the cancelled Tulip Fever. Casting will begin in January, according to Variety. Let's hope Keira's still attached.

How much can you interpret from the two words "No Comment" ? The press seem to think those words of Keira's in the Sunday Times Misanthrope interview means her relationship with Rupert is on the rocks. In a Keira/Jennifer comparison she says how her character is having relationship problems, then adds "No comment" to refer to her real life. What that means, of course, is what it has always meant to Keira: I don't talk about my private life. What it means to the gutter press, of course, is something far more juicy.

November 29th
Keira, Damien, Tara and Misanthrope director Thea Sharrock are interviewed together in today's Sunday Times, with a new pic and a closer version here.

November 24th
The Telegraph has the first major promotional interview for The Misanthrope, with Damian Lewis.

November 21st
The Misanthrope web site has a gallery section coming soon with Rehearsal shots online now. Previews will now start two days earlier than originally announced, on December 5th. Tickets are available for the new date from the banner link opposite.

Tell Me could be affected by the downsizing of production company Miramax, reports ScreenDaily.

Eva Mendes talks about Tell Me and Keira at the end of this interview with Movieline.

November 16th
Last Night has been retitled Tell Me, possibly to more reflect the storyline of trust in relationships and experiences unsaid. Or maybe they just didn't want it to get mixed up with Date Night, which is due for release at the same time.

ScreenDaily speculates on Last Night/Tell Me being in the line-up for the Berlin Film Festival, starting February 11th.

The Suicide Brothers has been selected for The London Short Film Festival (January 8th-17th). Don't forget it's also showing at Northern Ireland's Foyle Film Festival this weekend if you're anywhere near Derry.

There's a new promo still for The Misanthrope.

I thought Keira was starring in Superman: The Musical when I saw her in these Clark Kent specs. Hang on, haven't we seen those before?

November 10th
The Misanthrope is one of The Times' Ten Hot Tickets at the end of this interesting article on the boom in British theatre. Tickets for all dates are still available by clicking the banner opposite.

London Boulevard author Ken Bruen mentions an April release date for the movie at the end of this interview for BSC Review.

Universal are to release Blu-Ray/HD editions of both Atonement and Pride & Prejudice on January 26th. So just in time for the massive Christmas market, then. Not.

November 2nd
IMDb have published my latest edition of Keira's biography, albeit with the Joe Wright nonsense at the end. Still, it hadn't been updated since Atonement so it was overdue.

The Suicide Brothers will be shown on November 21st at the Foyle Film Festival in Derry, Northern Ireland. A win in its category Best International Short will make it eligible for Academy Award entry. Article

October 30th
I hereby declare that I hate supposedly reliable media. While Keira may well be Eliza, the other 'fact' revealed by The Telegraph - that My Fair Lady will be directed by Joe Wright - has been denied by the man himself on the red carpet within the last two days: watch it here.

More cast has been announced for The Misanthrope, including Kelly Price and Nicholas Le Prevost. Article.

A provisional UK release date for Last Night has appeared (subject to change): May 14th.

October 24th
By George, She's Got It!
Keira has now, apparently, been confirmed in the role of Eliza Doolittle for the 2011 release My Fair Lady. And the director has also been confirmed as Joe Wright, who directed Keira to Academy Award nomination in Pride & Prejudice, plus of course Atonement and the Coco Mademoiselle commercial. Keira was always the front-runner for the role, with both producers and industry insiders saying she put in by far the best screen test. The script is being adapted by Emma Thompson and promises to be more faithful to George Bernard Shaw's original play Pygmalion, much of which was left out to make way for Lerner & Loewe's songs in the Broadway play and movie. More on the newswire.

Keira is (apparently) in Tbilisi, capital of former Soviet republic of Georgia, for several days where Rupert is filming a movie about the country's war with Russia. Article.

October 23rd
The first of The Misanthrope publicity shots has appeared on Baz's Daily Mail column today, with Alceste's disdainful looks at the images of Jennifer's celebrity 'attention'.

Liz Smith in The Baltimore Sun has a positive review of Keira in... King Arthur. Keep up, love!

Rumour Mill: Any script featuring a female role in Keira's age group inevitably wins her a mention as a 'possible' for the proposed movie, and there's two such rumours in circulation at the moment. First, that of British singing sensation Dusty Springfield in a biopic imaginatively entitled Dusty. More amusingly, and less likely, is as a martial-arts heroine in a Chinese movie Kung-Fu Xia, supposedly financed by Keanu Reeves.
Thanks Kelsi

October 20th
The Suicide Brothers has won its first award. It won Best Short Comedy at the New Hampshire Film Festival.

ScreenDaily reports how life imitated art imitating life on the set of London Boulevard as, during a paparazzi scene, in the background was an audience of... paparazzi!

October 19th
The Film Department, via IndieWire's Ann Thompson, have confirmed my speculation for a 2010 start for The Beautiful & The Damned in this article.

The Misanthrope's star Damian Lewis gives his first impressions of Keira following the promo photoshoot on Friday.

October 16th
British theatreland is reeling in disbelief as to how The Misanthrope has taken £1million ($1.63m) in ticket sales in its first week, without ANY promotion whatsoever and before the cast had even started rehearsals. Of course there are fans of Damian Lewis and Tara Fitzgerald out there, but we all know the reason why people are chomping at the bit to see this production. Tickets are still on sale from KeiraWeb by clicking the banner opposite. The cast have now met for a photoshoot, according to Baz in this article.

ScreenDaily has an interview with producer Duncan Kenworthy, who insists Keira is still attached to star in My Fair Lady, at the end of this interview, although no announcement will be made until a director is confirmed.

October 12th
With Keira now treading the boards throughout the Winter and early Spring (KeiraWeb brought in more than $1,000 of ticket sales for The Misanthrope just this weekend!), it raised further questions over the already-delayed F. Scott Fitzgerald biopic The Beautiful & The Damned, in which Keira was set to play the author's wife Zelda. Well, another enquiry to producers The Film Department has returned the same response - the film is still "in development and pre-production". Provided we get further cast announcements over the next few months, we should be looking at a Spring start hopefully. Don't forget though, projects can and do get mothballed - The Jacket was all set for a 2000 production, but it didn't happen until 2004.

Danny Boyle confirms Baz Bamigboye's comments (regarding him being no longer attached to My Fair Lady) in an interview with Digital Spy.

The Times has Never Let Me Go as one of its Top 10 British Films To Watch Out For in 2010.

While there's no guarantee of a Suicide Brothers mention, Film2009 (Tuesday 13th, BBC1) profiles the London Film Festival which opens this week, and there's a special Culture Show (Thursday 22nd, BBC2) dedicated to the Festival too.

October 9th
Keira is to make her London theatre debut in December, in a retelling of Moliere's 17th Century comedy The Misanthrope. She will play Jennifer, a flirtatious Hollywood film star who seduces the leading man, played by Damian Lewis. Keira is said to be "terrified but excited" at landing the role, and has stressed that she will not be the star of the show. However, it will of course be Keira who will bring in the ticket sales for the play, which opens with previews at The Comedy Theatre south of Leicester Square on December 7th and goes on until March 13th. There will be performances from Monday to Saturday at 7.30pm, plus a 2.30pm matinee on Wednesdays and Saturdays (no under-12s will be admitted). Although not Keira's first theatre role (she performed in 'United States' and her mother's play 'After Juliet' among others), this will be her most demanding role of her career to date, and it will be her performance that will be scrutinized. Once again, it was The Daily Mail's Baz Bamigboye who broke the story, and it's the 'Keira Knightley's stage debut ' angle that has populated the newswires and media all day. Tickets are on sale now from our official ticket partner Ticketmaster (see the box on the right). Links: Official site - Read The Misanthrope

October 8th
SITE NEWS: Try the new improved KeiraWeb - now with added video! I'll be rotating the videos from Youtube (a lot of the non-movie clip videos on there are mine anyway!), and I'll attempt to set up a new KeiraWeb channel with the hope this one doesn't get deleted like the last one did.

The official Suicide Brothers site has some new stills featuring Keira.

Keira's already being mentioned quite often in the promotional interviews for An Education, as she has worked with the three main cast (Carey Mulligan, Peter Sarsgaard and Dominic Cooper). See here and here, for example and check the newswire for more.

October 6th
The Suicide Brothers will show at the Foyle Film Festival in Derry, Northern Ireland between November 20th-28th.

Here are some snaps of Keira's Duchess costume from the Starstruck in the Cathedral exhibition which visited Gloucester Cathedral recently. Thanks to Tia for the pics. 1 - 2 - 3

October 2nd
The Autumn issue of Faeries And Enchantment magazine has Keira as their cover, er... faery. It features photos from The Suicide Brothers as well as Keira's artwork and an exclusive interview with directors The Brownlee Brothers.

Beware spoilers - There's a positive review of a test screening of Never Let Me Go over at AICN.

September 24th
There's finally a new still from Last Night.

Congrats to Keira's co-star Carey Mulligan who will receive the Hollywood Breakthrough Actress Award on October 26th, which Keira won in 2004.

September 22nd
The Suicide Brothers gets a US premiere of sorts next month as it will be shown at the New Hampshire Film Festival in Portsmouth.

The Duchess premieres on Sky Movies on October 3rd and plays every night that week.

Goodies round-up:
- 2010 Keira calendars can now be pre-ordered - UK | US
- Robbie The Reindeer's three adventures - including, for the first time, the Keira-voiced Close Encounters of the Herd Kind - come to DVD on November 2nd (pre-order here). Close Encounters..., in which Keira voiced Em (Secret Agent M), also has a behind-the-scenes featurette, presumably a longer version of this one.
- Love Actually also debuts on Blu-Ray from October 12th.
- For the truly devoted fan, there's a large collection of 'I <3 Keira' and 'Keira Rocks My World' stuff at Amazon US, from caps and wristbands to T-shirts and hoodies. Click to view.

September 16th
Glamour's September 08 Keira cover has been shortlisted for the Maggies magazine awards. Go on, give em a vote (click Fashion on the Maggies site for a bit about the photoshoot).

Still with magazines, here's an article about celeb faces keeping the sales of mags up despite the general demise of printed media circulation. Apparently, Vogue's biggest selling US edition last year had Keira on the cover.

Keira makes her third appearance on Moviefone's Top 25 Under 25s poll.

This weekend, there's an open-air screening of Pride & Prejudice at Basildon Park, seen as Netherby in the film. Article.

September 11th
The Daily Mail's (only) reliable journalist Baz Bamigboye has a flurry of Keira news today (my notes in red):
- Keira, Scarlett and Anne Hathaway are the shortlist of possible Elizas for My Fair Lady.
- Sony insiders say Keira is the favourite to get the role, and has met Danny Boyle, purpotedly the director.
- Filming could still be a year away, with a 2011 release.
- Keira is in talks regarding 'future dramatic projects'.
- Keira will be promoting London Boulevard and Never Let Me Go in New York early next year.

September 10th
The Suicide Brothers will show at the London Film Festival on October 15th and 18th in a collection of seven shorts entitled People Are Strange.

September 1st
There's a very nice new video on Youtube of the photoshoot for the new Chanel ads. If nothing else, it should finish the breast/airbrush argument that's been raging again. Watch.
Thanks Beata

Film critic Jason Solomons has written a brutal, but largely truthful, account of the state of British cinema. Nice of him to acknowledge Keira's fanbase, though.

A new photographic exhibition is to take place at the Movieum in London in October featuring some of the photographs taken in Pinewood Studios' giant water tank, including of course Keira's WaterAid promotion and the Atonement tube station scene. See both pics here, and larger here.

August 30th
The Sunday Telegraph reports that Keira is up against Scarlett Johansson for the role of Eliza in My Fair Lady.

August 26th
MGM is celebrating the theatrical release of Fame in the US with a month of 'actor breakthrough' movies, including Keira in Innocent Lies (not exactly a breakthrough performance, but rare enough on TV anyway). Check out the web site and search for the movie to see the listing schedule. Press release.

My Fair Lady producer Cameron Mackintosh has dangled a carrot regarding the shortlist for Eliza, telling The Times “I have two actresses as potential Elizas, one British, the other American. You’d know their names, but I’m not letting on.”

August 18th
The Daily Mail are talking about Keira's bits and pieces again. Getting a bit boring, now, isn't it ? Article.

August 17th
London Boulevard has now finished filming and is in post-production, according to this article, although the last sentence is completely wrong.

Keira recently popped in to see her Dad in the West End version of Calendar Girls. Article.

August 16th
Costumes worn by Keira in The Duchess and Johnny Depp's Jack Sparrow outfit are among those on display in one of the UK's biggest ever movie costume exhibitions in the grand setting of Worcester Cathedral until September 6th. Take some pics for me if you go! Article.

August 10th
Anne Hathaway has knocked Keira off the top spot of LoveFilm.com's annual poll of Best Actresses Under 30, although its criteria is "commercial and critical success over the last 12 months".

It's easy to forget just how long some people have to wait for Keira's movies to come out. Silk has only this week been released in France (I hope they get a wider release than the UK did). Russia gets The Edge Of Love this Thursday 13th, while Brazilians will have to wait until November 27th.

August 4th
Received a small but reassuring update from The Film Department via email today, co-producers of The Beautiful & Damned - "it's still in development/pre-production". Shooting is still on for the Fall/Autumn with John Curran at the helm. With so much 'radio silence' there was a danger of it going the same way as King Lear, but thankfully that's not the case.

Plenty of Keira in the UK press again this week as the anti-airbrushing campaign has now reached the halls of politics, with Liberal Democrat MP Jo Swinson calling for a ban. The BBC and Channel 4 (see video) were among the TV channels who covered it in detail in their reports today, citing Keira's chest enhancement for the US King Arthur posters, and there's lots more on the newswire.

Keira comes in at No.21 on Premiere magazine's poll Most Beautiful Hollywood Women.

Keira's role as Georgiana is up for Best Actress in DigitalSpy.co.uk's Movie Awards. Vote here.

July 30th
Some people really need to get a decent job. Last week we had a dire attempt to 'vampire up' Keira, and now she's been 'fattened up'. Funny The Daily Mail should be the one to publish the photo, though.

July 29th
The Suicide Brothers is now complete and will be shown at the London Film Festival between October 14th and 29th. The exact screening dates, venues and times will be announced on September 9th. This is the UK's equivalent of Cannes, with massive media interest and big movie premieres. Last year's LFF saw the prems of both Frost/Nixon and Slumdog Millionaire.

Betting is on for the next Bond girl, with Keira in at 8/1. Back in 2004 she ruled herself out as she wasn't "big on bikinis", but that was a long time ago. Personally, I can't stand James Bond, but she can do no worse than some of the more recent 'accessories'. Article.

Aeronwy Thomas-Ellis, the only daughter of Dylan and Caitlin Thomas, has died of cancer aged 66. She was present, as a baby, at the famous William Killick gunfire event, portrayed in The Edge Of Love. Article - Interview re: movie

July 27th
Here's the Keira segment from a documentary called The Pain Behind The Fame, currently showing on Film24 in the UK. It's basically the anorexia rumours and Keira's denial. Lots of premiere footage in HQ. 19Mb.
Do not remove watermark if reproduced.

July 23rd
The Independent has an interesting article on 'the Keira factor'.

Pirates 4 is on. Shouldn't need to mention it here of course, but you can't rule out a cameo, I guess.

Keira is tied No.4 on theMovie-Fanatic's Top50 Hottest Young Actresses.

Last Night now has a March 19th (US, limited) release on IMDb which, if correct, would make four releases next year, none this.

July 22nd
We don't get many casting rumours nowadays and this one may well be nonsense too, but it's appeared in the Turkish press today. A movie is planned about famed cartographer and explorer Piri Reis, with Keira mentioned as "expected" to join the cast. I doubt if that would mean Keira getting her sea legs again though.

ShortsTV, already on Sky in the UK (Ch.342), is to start broadcasting in the US. They show Keira in New Year's Eve in their 'Stars In Shorts' segment. And it's amazing to see just how many big celebs do these little unknown films, often for no fee, as did Keira with NYE. Article.

July 20th
Suicide Brothers' co-director Arran Brownlee has posted another pic of Keira in costume on Twitter.

One for the ladies: The Style Network's celebrity makeover series Style Her Famous has a 'get the Keira look' episode. See it in the UK or US.

July 9th
An extended version of The Suicide Brothers behind-the-scenes video has appeared, and there's some screencaps here.

The Newswire now has a nice new clean design.

June 30th
Keira and Rupert attended a screening of The Suicide Brothers at The Soho Hotel in London last night. Articles here and here.
Thanks Douglas

There's a few more new Chanel pics here.

June 28th
The current issue of Vogue Japan has a new Chanel ad.

June 19th
Some filming pics have appeared of Keira as Lillian Palmer in London Boulevard: Here and here.

June 15th
A new Chanel ad for Coco Mademoiselle seems to be on its way, according to the caption on the left of this new photo. There is now a translation online.
Thanks Anna, Agustina and Alexandra

June 13th
Pirates 4 looks set to go ahead with Johnny Depp returning as Jack, according to Jerry Bruckheimer's comments on Friday. So now speculation begins again about Keira and Orlando's involvement, although Keira has publicly stated that her "pirating days are over", and their storyline had pretty much run its course anyway.

Meanwhile, congratulations are in order for actor Jonathan Pryce, who played Keira's father in the Pirates movies. He has been awarded the CBE in The Queen's birthday honours. Profile.

Domino finally gets a UK terrestrial TV premiere, on Channel 4, June 21st at 11.25pm.

June 12th
The Edge Of Love will be out on DVD and Blu-Ray in North America on July 14th. Sales should beat its box office tally of $28,600, with an appalling wide release of just 5 cinemas! Article & artwork. Pre-order here.

June 9th
London Boulevard has started shooting, and is due to go on until mid-August. Article.

June 8th
A behind-the-scenes video of The Suicide Brothers short film has appeared online. Check out March 5th in the News Archive for more details.
UPDATE: Had an email from co-director Corran Brownlee today, who said it's looking like an early summer finish for the project. More details, including (hopefully) a release/broadcast date, in July.
Thanks Corran, Harriet

Belated congratulations to Keira's mum Sharman Macdonald who won Filmmaker of the Year at last week's Glamour Awards, for The Edge Of Love.

June 3rd
Never Let Me Go is now in post-production, according to IMDb (although reports are they are still recording the early school scenes). The status of London Boulevard has also changed to 'Filming' - the appearance of pics will soon confirm that, no doubt.

May 27th
The Sun has rightly reignited the debate regarding Keira's domestic violence ad 'Cut' to be shown without edits.

Keira is No.5 in a poll to find the Top 10 celebrity fantasy cheerleaders. Quite what the fantasy entails it doesn't say.

Keira is in and on the cover of the June issue of Marie Claire Japan. Scans here.
Thanks Sam, Elizabeth

May 21st
Dita von Teese wore a rather familiar dress in Cannes yesterday, but who wore it best ? Article.

Anna Friel looks set to beat Keira into the shoes of Audrey Hepburn, as she will play Holly Golightly in a West End production of Breakfast At Tiffany's. Keira and Anna co-star for the first time in London Boulevard, filming in the summer, with Anna playing Colin Farrell's sister Briony.

May 10th
Keira is cover girl and interviewed inside the Summer issue of Electric! magazine, provided free to subscribers of UK digital TV service VirginMedia. Scans are on the Magazines page.

May 8th
Keira has returned to Norfolk for filming this week, close to Holkham. She filmed scenes for The Duchess at Holkham Hall. Article.

Rupert revealed this week, at the premiere of new movie Cheri, that he keeps in touch with Keira via Skype when they're apart. So much for her not using computers.

May 2nd
Keira has contributed to a charity auction to be held at Bonham's in LA on May 28th. All the pieces, including celebrity-designed jewellery and signed items, arrived in Southampton today aboard the Queen Mary 2 and will be on display at Bonham's in London on May 5th. Half the proceeds will go to each celeb's chosen charity, the other half to The Prince's Trust. Article.

April 25th
The WomensAid commercial The Cut, recorded by Keira to highlight domestic violence against women, has still not been shown on TV and will not unless key scenes are cut, The Independent reports. Pathetic.

The Duchess will premiere on UK TV on Monday, when it starts on Sky Box Office multiplay. Meanwhile, Pride & Prejudice will be on ITV3 this week, Love Actually on ITV2, Atonement and Pirates AWE on Sky Movies and Pirates CBP on Disney CineMagic.

April 24th
Keira and James MacAvoy have posed for some Atonement-themed shots to celebrate Empire Magazine's 20th anniversary, guest edited by Steven Spielberg. Here's a trailer (a trailer for a magazine?).
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Keira is No.36 on the FHM Sexiest Women In The World poll, down from last year's No.10.

April 23rd
BBC Bristol has a footage-only clip of Keira & co filming Never Let Me Go on Clevedon beach today. And here's my high-res rip of a proper report from tonight's news programme: 22Mb.

Atonement is the third most rented DVD according to a poll by LoveFilm.com, and Pirates 2 & 3 are in the Top 50 too. Article.

April 22nd
Keira and co will be filming Never Let Me Go in Somerset this week (Clevedon and Weston), according to local press. Send us your pics if you're going for a snoop! These will be the scenes where Rod and Chrissie think they've seen Ruth's 'original' in town and they go to try to find her again.

Well the newswire is proving a great success, with nearly 200 visitors a day in the last week. I thought I'd test run a few more - here's one if you're into the latest movie trailer releases.

April 16th
There's pap snaps already from the set of Never Let Me Go. I never read the novel but I read the script today, and enjoyed it.

April 15th
Charlotte Rampling will reunite with Keira in Never Let Me Go, filming now in London. Sally Hawkins, Nathalie Richard and Andrea Riseborough have also been added to the cast, says Variety.

April 13th
More cast for London Boulevard have been announced. Anna Friel will play Colin Farrell's sister, David Thewliss will play Lillian Palmer's (Keira) business manager while Keira's King Arthur co-star Ray Winstone will play former crime boss Tommy Logan. Filming starts in the summer.

It's official - Keira Knightley is hot!
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April 11th
The Marie Claire Australia scans are online now: Magazine Scans
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April 9th
Newsy bits:
- Keira is due to begin filming Never Let Me Go next week, in London and Norfolk, the first return to a film set since Last Night wrapped in early December (except for Cut, which was filmed in January). Keira will play Ruth, with Carey Mulligan as Kathy.
- Oliver Twist gets a rerun on Sky Arts 2 in the UK from next Wednesday 16th at 1pm.
- Voting for FHM's Sexiest Women poll is now closed. Results will be out on April 23rd. Thanks to Jess at FHM for linking to KeiraWeb from the voting page. Bless, Jess!
- Cue the puns about deserting a sinking ship, but Gore Verbinski has now ruled himself out of directing a Pirates 4. So, no Keira, Orlando or Gore. However, the script is written, and apparently sees Captain Jack in a search for The Fountain Of Youth.
- Don't forget the new KeiraWeb Twitter page. Follow me!

April 7th
The Edge Of Love DVD and Blu-Ray will be out in North America on July 14th.

Keira graces the cover of, and is interviewed inside, the May issue of Marie Claire Australia.
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April 6th
There has been huge praise for Keira's domestic violence ad 'Cut', from fans, critics and journalists alike. More importantly, I have received emails from victims who are pleased to see Keira and Joe Wright bring the issue to greater attention.

Some of The Duchess' Oscar-winning costumes are on display at Chiswick House in London, a one-time residence of Georgiana herself. Article.

King Arthur is the BBC's big holiday film next Easter Monday at 9pm on BBC1.

April 2nd
Keira has recorded a commercial called 'Cut' on behalf of Womens Aid, to highlight domestic abuse among women. Keira says: “Domestic violence kills two women every week but we rarely hear about it.” The video will be seen in cinemas before 15-rated movies and on post-watershed TV ad breaks starting today. The video can be seen at this micro site, and there's background information here. You can also view it here and make a donation.
WomensAid, via the production company Grey London, have kindly provided KeiraWeb with the full media kit relating to this promotion:
Low-res Stills (4Mb) | Hi-res Stills (30Mb) | Press Images (56Mb)
Please credit keiraweb.co.uk if used - Thanks Catherine at WomensAid.org.uk

April 1st
Marie Claire have a video on YouTube from January's Chanel show in Paris, featuring a chat with Keira. I think it's similar to the one Vogue had online.
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March 27th
Sky celebrate Keira's birthday with a photo retrospective, albeit backwards - start at No.31 to view it chronologically.

March 26th
Keira celebrates her 24th birthday today.

She is interviewed in the April issue of Sky Magazine, and graces the cover again. Scans on the Magazines page.

March 22nd
Site news: Using Google Custom Search, I have created a number of dedicated Search Engines providing quick access to any and all Keira-related material on the Internet. It searches all the best fan sites, plus file-share databases, newspapers and even Youtube, instantly bringing you the photos, videos, discussions, articles and interviews you require. What's more, and given that most of my videos have been republished all over the web, I thought it would be useful for Keira's fans to find them all! I hope you find the page useful. Email me above with any comments.

March 20th
Another interview, from AV Club.

Baz at the Daily Mail has more info on London Boulevard, including the almost-certain addition of David Thewliss, and that the promo posters will feature Keira's actress character in mock adverts selling various products.

On Twitter? Fly down onto KeiraWeb's branch. I may use it for breaking news when I'm away from my PC, so please follow me if you like. I set up a MySpace page as well a while back, which I might develop before I die or I might not :)

March 18th
Here's a few more interviews in the US press, promoting The Edge Of Love: TimeOut - Salon - MovieFone

March 13th
Vote for Keira in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women In The World poll. Click the logo to vote.
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Guess who's been mentioned already for leading lady following the announcement that Joe Wright will direct the British Raj movie Indian Summer ?

March 11th
ComingSoon interview Keira ahead of the US Edge Of Love release. Notable are Keira's comments confirming my recent posts regarding The Beautiful and the Damned - "later on in the year" and My Fair Lady - "slowly but surely coming together".

March 10th
Keira has been voted favourite Supporting Actress in a poll by the National Lottery to find who people would cast in a movie if money were no object. Article.

According to MovieWeb, The Edge Of Love will open in LA this Friday, then NYC on the 20th.

March 8th
EW has the first official still from Last Night - probably one of a batch just released.

March 6th
The Lula scans are online now: Magazine Scans
Many thanks Beata

March 5th
Yet another short film starring Keira has come to light. It's a short story with a long title: The Continuing And Lamentable Saga Of The Suicide Brothers. Some details gathered from t'Internet...
- Filmed: March and April 2008
- Written by (and starring): Rupert Friend and Tom Mison.
- Keira's role: The Fairy Godmother
- Directed by: The Brownlee Brothers (storyboard artists on The Libertine, and directors of short on-set film 'Capturing The Libertine').
- Producers: Beat Pictures; Black Forest Pictures; Working Title.
- Synopsis: Everyday at two o'clock the two brothers named Bourbon and Barath (played by Rupert and Tom) go out to the shed to kill themselves. They try a different method everyday but each day they fail. They are forever overlooking the presence of their frustrated fairy godmother as they carry on with their clockwork routine.
- Media: There are some pics in the new edition of Lula magazine, together with some sketches of the fairy drawn by Keira. It was photographed by Kate Friend and there is a gallery of images on her web site (go to Galleries > Film). The film featured soundscapes by Keira's brother Caleb and costumes by non other than Oscar-winning Duchess designer Michael O'Connor. More pics on the Brownlees' Facebook page.
- Status: The film is currently in post-production.
Thanks Beata for the Lula info

Baz's Friday column in The Daily Mail has more on Never Let Me Go, notably that filming starts on April 13th and that Carey Mulligan will play Kathy, so Keira's character is Ruth.

March 4th
Keira attended The Young Victoria premiere after-party in London last night, and was much-praised for her Chanel couture outfit. Pics.

After 22 years, Arena has become the first high-profile British publishing victim of the recession, combined with the exodus of advertisers to the Internet. Keira graced the August 2004 cover.

The Beautiful & The Damned looks like it may swap places with Never Let Me Go in Keira's schedule, as location company Screen East have been contracted to find Norfolk locations ready for filming of Never at the end of this month. The fact that the lead actor for Damned has yet to be announced suggests its planned March date will not now happen. Article.

March 2nd

A new month and a new movie is announced for Keira. She will star in Never Let Me Go, adapted from the highly-acclaimed novel by Kazuo Ishiguro. Variety reports an April start, and it will be directed by Mark Romanek with co-stars Andrew Garfield and Carey Mulligan (Kitty in Pride & Prejudice). Despite a title that sounds like a romance, it is a return to sci-fi for Keira, and it's likely she will play the character of Kathy. Storyline details below (possible spoilers):
Wikipedia - Times Review - IMDb - Buy the book: Amazon UK - US

So Keira's filming schedule is tight, and now looks like this (subject to change):
March - The Beautiful & The Damned
April - Never Let Me Go
May - London Boulevard

February 26th
The Daily Telegraph have picked up on my post to Rope Of Silicon regarding King Lear. They have contacted intended producers Ruby Films who told them this: "Ruby are no longer doing it - the film will no longer go ahead. It has not really been announced."

February 24th
After correspondence with Keira's agent today I can announce the following:
- Keira is no longer attached to King Lear as the whole project has been shelved. Very sad news indeed, and the second Ruby Films project Keira has seen mothballed - remember Tulip Fever ?
- Keira will play Lillian Palmer (the reclusive actress) in London Boulevard. I had wondered if she would play the love interest Aisling instead.
- Keira is still NOT confirmed for My Fair Lady.
- Keira has not recorded another Chanel commercial or photoshoot, contrary to rumours, and there are no current plans for any promotions.
Please credit keiraweb.co.uk if you republish this information.
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February 23rd
The Duchess became an Oscar-winning movie last night as Michael O'Connor topped his run of Best Costume Design wins with an Academy Award. He thanked Keira, calling her "one classy lady". He also pays tribute to Keira in this interview from the BAFTAs.

Keira's Vera Wang dress has been voted second most stylish Oscar frock in a poll.

She may only have one movie premiere lined up for this year, but Keira may be in London's Leicester Square next Tuesday the 3rd for the premiere of Rupert's new film 'The Young Victoria', in which he plays Queen Vic's husband Prince Albert.

February 16th
The Edge Of Love opens in (apparently VERY) limited release in North America from March 13th. Check with your local cinema or you might blink and miss it ! The US/Canada web site is online now, pretty much the same as the UK one at the moment.

In a strange move, AMPAS have deliberately decided NOT to reveal this year's Oscar presenters in advance, reportedly in an attempt to recover dwindling TV ratings (although I'd have thought announcing them would have ensured a bigger audience). Keira has, I believe, been asked to present again (but has declined every year so far), so who knows if she'll be there at the weekend ? No use asking AMPAS...

February 13th
The Daily Mail's Baz has more tidbits on My Fair Lady, with the news that Stephen Daldry is in talks to direct, that all the Lerner & Loewe songs will be kept in, and that filming won't start until NEXT year. Article.

February 10th
Keira has attended the Berlin Film Festival today, where Rupert Friend's new movie Cheri is premiering. Getty pics.

Vogue have a video interviewwith Keira from the Chanel show last week.

The BAFTA-winning Duchess costumes will be among items from the film and Georgiana's life on show at Chatsworth House - one of its filming locations - from March 11th. Article - Press release (pdf).

Keira is No.8 in the latest 'Ultimate Film Beauty' poll, this time among Sky movie fans. Audrey Hepburn topped the list. I'd totally agree with that.

February 8th
The Duchess deservedly won Best Costume Design at tonight's BAFTAs. Well done Michael O'Connor.

February 7th
There's an interview with Keira in the current Red magazine. Nothing new, but she is on the cover.

The Duchess DVD and Blu-Ray is out on March 13th. You can pre-order from the column on the right.

February 3rd
The Comic Relief T-shirt photoshoot is online now. I was expecting it to feature all the other celebs, but it's just Keira. Here's my much-enhanced copy: 20Mb

February 2nd
Keira has donned Eric Morecambe-style specs to promote the new Comic Relief T-Shirts, designed by Stella McCartney. Keira's shirt shows late great British comedy duo Morecambe & Wise. A video of the photoshoot will be online Tuesday at the bottom of this page, and you can buy the T-shirts here. Red Nose Day will be on March 13th. Keira has been involved in Comic Relief since working with its chief organiser Richard Curtis on Love Actually in 2003, including a trip to Ethiopia and presenting a BBC comedy clip compilation. Article.

January 27th
As one of the celebrity faces of Chanel, Keira was in Paris today for the company's Haute Couture fashion show. A gallery of photos are here and the Daily Mail have a fashion column report here.

January 23rd
Variety today confirms Keira's role in London Boulevard, with a summer shoot mentioned.

January 22nd

The Daily Mail's usually correct Baz Bamigboye is reporting today that Keira has signed for London Boulevard, adapted by Bill Monahan, from the novel by Ken Bruen about an ex-con, Mitch, who becomes minder for reclusive actress Lillian Palmer, a parallel with Sunset Boulevard already established from the book reviews. Monahan bought the filming rights in April last year, according to Variety. Keira's co-star is stated to be Colin Farrell. Filming will start in late Spring. Article
More info:
Novel info & extract - IMDb - Ken Bruen site - Get the book: UK | US

The Duchess has received two Academy Award nominations: Art Direction (Michael Carlin, Rebecca Alleway); Costume Design (Michael O'Connor)

January 19th
IMDb's Project Notes section for King Lear now has a start date of February. It was originally planned to start shooting this month.

As well as his BAFTA nod for Costume Design on The Duchess, Michael O'Connor has also been nominated in the Period Film category at the Costume Design Guild Awards. Article.

January 15th
The Duchess has received two nominations at the BAFTAs: Costume Design - Michael O'Connor; Make-Up & Hair - Daniel Phillips, Jan Archibald. Full list

Rumours abound of Keira's casting in The Rum Diary alongside Johnny Depp, although as you can see from the original article, she's only on the wishlist of a casting assistant. Filming would clash with The Beautiful & Damned anyway.

January 8th
After years of negativity about her size and figure, today's Daily Mail reports that Keira's frame is more in vogue than the traditional hourglass figure, quoting a survey by a US university.

Keira has made the longlist for Best Actress at the BAFTAs, one of nine placements for The Duchess. The final nominations - the shortlist - will be announced next Thursday 15th.

January 5th
Following the departure of director Nick Cassavetes from the project, today's Variety reports that John Curran has stepped in to direct Keira in The Beautiful and The Damned, with a March production date mentioned.

Meanwhile, Anne Thompson's blog at Variety says Keira HAS signed for My Fair Lady, which is the first time we've seen this as confirmed.

January 4th
BBC3's 'Almost Famous 2' has provided another clip of baby Keira in her first ever role, that of 'Little Girl' in 1993's Royal Celebration. Just this small clip (4Mb) gives us a character name, Angela.

Keira's contribution to the UN's Human Rights 'Protect The Human' campaign can be seen here.

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